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    Our federal District Court is overworked and understaffed, operating with the same number of judges since 1984. Because they are understaffed, there have been case backlogs in our Court.

    Court backlogs hurt citizens and businesses who cannot get timely justice or resolution of disputes.

    The problem could be exasperated with the vacancy of Judge Blackburn's seat in April 2016.

    Coloradans expect our Senators to work together to screen potential nominees and avoid Judge Blackburn’s seat becoming empty, leaving us with only 6 judges to cover the state. Senators from different parties in other states like Pennsylvania, Florida, and Wisconsin work together and don’t let politics get in the way of filling district court seats in their states.

    I call on Senators Bennet and Gardner to:

    1. Cooperate in a process that provides a list of diverse and qualified potential nominees to the President as soon as possible.

    2. Pledge to support the nominee when presented to the U.S. Senate and work to ensure a timely consideration and confirmation process before April 2016.