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    Another dishonest right-wing candidate has jumped into the U.S. Senate race. Last week, we asked for an investigation of Rep. Jon Keyser to determine if he violated rules against campaigning on government pay. [1]

    In 2013 Jon Keyser, then a candidate for the Colorado House, posted a photo on social media of “two ballots” he received, claiming this was evidence of possible election fraud. In truth, Keyser’s “second ballot” was for a single ballot question related to property he owned elsewhere in the state. The photo Keyser posted intentionally concealed the return address of the second ballot to falsely imply he had received two complete ballots for the same election. [2]

    Jon Keyser knew exactly what he was doing. At the time, Colorado Republicans led by then-Secretary of State Scott Gessler were desperate to convince voters that progressives had somehow sabotaged the election system. Opponents claimed mail ballots would result in massive election fraud that, as it turns out, never happened.

    But some conservatives like Jon Keyser were so eager to protect the status quo that they invented bogus ‘fraud’ cases out of thin air.

    We deserve better from any elected official, let alone a politician seeking higher office.

    Thanks for standing up for integrity and honesty, two things "Liar Keyser" has a problem with.