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    Yesterday, Colorado’s Republican Secretary of State ruled that GOP U.S. Senate candidate Jon Keyser did not submit enough valid petition signatures to make the 2016 Republican primary ballot. Keyser is now threatening to bring in lawyers and turn the Senate race into a circus.

    Jon Keyser has a history of misleading the public about election issues, and it's time for him to stop wasting Colorado taxpayers’ time and money with frivolous legal action to cover up his own incompetence.

    In February, a formal complaint was filed against Keyser with the Federal Election Commission by the American Democracy Legal Fund for violating campaign finance rules. As was reported in the Denver Post, Keyser bragged about raising millions for his Senate campaign weeks before he even announced his campaign. As a Colorado House candidate, Keyser falsely claimed he received ‘two ballots’ for an election, when the truth is Keyser was lying to undermine confidence in our election system–and he knew it the whole time.